Armored Vehicles

Armored VehiclesLocated both inside and outside, the South Carolina Military Museum is home to numerous armored fighting vehicles, armored support vehicles, and Jeeps of various sizes and time periods. Pictured below is a WWII German Kubelwagen, essentially the German army’s version of the American Jeep. This particular Kubelwagen was attached to the infamous 1st SS Panzer Division “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler” and was used primarily for medical treatment and transport.

IMG 1439

IMG 1113
Pictured here are various vehicles ranging from the armored WWII era M3 Half-Track to the Vietnam era M151 'MUTT.'

Pictured next is the Vietnam era M48A1 “Patton” Medium Tank. Capable of reaching 30 mph and packing a 90mm main gun, the M48 was ill-suited for jungle warfare but used extensively by South Carolina’s 1st Battalion / 263rd Armor for training and peacetime exercises. After upgrades for desert warfare, the tank was also used by the Israel Defense Forces during the “Six-Day War” against Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.

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