Preparing for War: The Carolina Maneuvers of 1941

NavGridv01 05The upstate of South Carolina was the scene for the last of the US Army's GHQ Maneuvers of 1941, and it included such future legends as George S. Patton. Consisting of two phases, the "Carolina Maneuvers" featured a large and traditional infantry-based force: the Blue Army, against a smaller more mechanized force: the Red Army (actually IV Corps). When the dust settled, the Blue Army claimed victory in phase one while the Red Army successfully defended Camden, SC in phase two.

The Museum's Carolina Maneuvers exhibit features a large map of phase two (the Battle of Camden) which shows the concentration areas of both "armies" and their movements once battle was engaged. The exhibit also features an M1913 Cavalry Saber (designed by none other than Patton himself) as well as numerous period pictures depicting such unique and humorous events as a fighter plane refueling at a local gas station and soldiers asking a farmer for directions. Prominent in the display is a large purple pillow with a poem devoted to "Mom." This is just an example of the many trinkets and keepsakes peddled by local vendors looking to cash in on the military's presence. 


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